MMA Business Automation Systems Webinar

With Business Automation Expert David Avellan

Monday, February 8th, at 10:30pm EST

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  • Do you have to run credit cards charges manually, or have to look over reports to figure out how is delinquent and owes you money?
  • Do you have to manually send out emails every time someone indicates they want more information from you, signs up for a membership, goes delinquent, doesn't show up to class, changes membership levels, has a birthday, or you have an event announcement?
  • Do you have to keep track of attendance with pen and paper, and then figure out who you need to contact to get back in class?
  • Do you have to look over reports and crunch numbers to know what your business metrics are, such as who many leads you have, how many made appointments, how many showed up to appointments, how many closed, and how long they stay members?

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I'm sure no one started a business so that they can be stuck behind a desk looking over papers and typing into a computer.

Automating your business allows you and your staff to focus on servicing your customers face to face, and not worry about sending out emails, processing billing, reading through reports to figure out who is delinquent, who hasn't been showing up, or who would be a good customer to upgrade.

The Business Automation Systems Webinar is going to cover how you can automate your business, and layout the strategy on doing it so you can create your own custom workflows that work for your business.

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